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Maxi Mezzanine Floor is division of Newmont Industries, specialising in mezzanine floor design, fabrication and installations, we manufacture mezzanine floors and fabricate steelwork in-house, using the latest 3D-CAD technology. We are confident our mezzanine system that will not be beaten on quality and costing.



Complete end-to-end Mezzanine Service for All Our Customers

We work alongside with customers to provide a complete, comprehensive mezzanine flooring service – from initial advice and consultation, to design and costing, then manufacture and installation. We aim to reduce lead times and costs on your mezzanine projects from the very outset of our relationship. Every industrial and commercial mezzanine structure we design and install for our customers is quality assured from start to the finish – backed by certification and 8 years warranties.


Custom-designed Performance Structures


Maxi Mezzanine Floor specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of integrated, high quality mezzanine flooring systems that maximise floor space and support your stock distribution, storage and production processes. At our Ingleburn factory, we custom fabricate all the steel works for each customer,  and we have complete control over the quality and delivery of our system.


Customer Service Driven


Our expertise, experience and can-do attitude are our core strengths, we have delivered some of most difficult jobs due space and access constraints,  we apply our knowledge, resources and experienced teams to meet our customer’s specific needs. We also offer mezzanine relocation, repair service for our customers that keep their investment last for decades.

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