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Custom Fabrication

Each mezzanine floor are unique with its different layout, load requirement and functionality. At Maxi Mezzanine Floors, we fabricate every mezzanine floor in house in order to meet the customer' requirement, quality standard by choosing the correct materials.

We also fabricate stairway, landings, rails and loading gates to suit each project, to ensure the mezzanine floor are safe to use and complying with Australia Building Code.

With our own fabricated steelwork, we can fully control our work quality and as we install the floors ourself, we can make sure all the frame work are made precisely to put together on the job site.


Onsite Fabrication & Welding

Often, we have to do the fabrication and welding on the job site, to overcome the obstacles of the building.

In some of our challenging jobs, it is difficult to figure out the work dimensions on the CAD software and from the floor plans, rather we need to fabricate on site to ensure the dimension are correct, steel frameworks are precisely positioned.


Steel Fabrication.jpg
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