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At Maxi Mezzanine Floor, we provide full solutions to our customers, and mezzanine extension are often required by our customer to extend their mezzanine floor areas after their business relocated to new premises. 


We help customer to relocate the existing mezzanine floor to new premises, and this is very costing saving approach to keep using the old mezzanine floor instead of building a new one from scratch, and we extend the existing mezzanine to utilise the additional floor areas at new premises, we also help customers to repair their existing mezzanine floor to make sure it is safe to use.


Our extensions service includes:


  • Relocated the existing mezzanine floor if required

  • Extend the mezzanine floor to have more floor areas

  • Repair of existing mezzanine floors

  • Color and design matching, with extended section are looked the same

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