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Maxi Mezzanine Floor has a highly skilled installation team whether you need a mezzanine installed or dismantled, racking installed, servicing or repairs.

Whether a multi-tier warehouse mezzanine floor installations, or smaller projects for companies who are looking to better utilise space within their warehouse, for us no job is too big or too small.


Our Installation Services can provide the full service of:

  • Installing a new mezzanine floor

  • Mezzanine relocation and re-installing at a new premises

  • Altering / extending an existing floor system

  • Dismantling an existing installation for disposal


Maxi mezzanine floor installation services integrate seamlessly to meet the client’s needs, carrying out the works safely and professionally and avoiding as much disruption to the client as possible. As your site team, you will utilise our many years of experience which will enhance your business and give your client complete confidence.

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