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At Maxi Mezzanine Floor, we design and manufacture all of our floors in house, you can be confident of consistently high quality, fast lead times and competitive pricing. All our mezzanine floor are certified with 8 Years Warranty


Maxi industrial mezzanine system are designed for warehouse, manufacturing plant and distribution centre. We manufacture and build them within our customer requirements, budget and with its exceptional built quality will last for decades in its applications.

Key Benefits

Easy increase of floor space

The obvious benefit of getting a mezzanine installed is the increase of usable vertical space and allow you to add on a surprising amount of extra usable floor space for storage, working area without paying additional rent, or moving into a new facility.


Custom Design and load requirement

At Maxi Mezzanine Floor, we custom made every floor for each customer in according to its floor layout, height and load requirement. With industrial mezzanine floors, we can fabricate floor load capacity up from 300KG-1,500KG/SQM, to accommodate customer’s floor applications. 



Its one-off business assets investment that it pays off itself,  and 100% tax deductive. Specially when the rent is getting so high in the commercial lease, ultizing all the spaces available are benefiting to reduce the over head cost. 


Increased productivity and efficiency

The increase of floor space and the extra working area can help your workers get things done easily and more quickly than before, for example receiving and moving stock, stock picking and dispatching. 


Relocation and extension

We help customer to relocate their mezzanine floor to new premises, and keep their investment worth for decades. We can extend the existing floor to suit new warehouse floor plan, and deliver the costing saving solutions to our customer.

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