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Commercial mezzanine floors will add value to any business and retail mezzanine floors will offer you 100% usable space above normal working height ( subject to building height ) in most commercial & retail outlets. Maxi Commercial Mezzanine Floors will double your space to display more of your products and floors can be seamlessly incorporated into the retail area, and improve your customer’s overall experience, without increasing costs in terms of rent and rates.

We offer a full turnkey solution for your retail mezzanine flooring, from your partitioning, suspended ceilings, flooring, stairs and handrails.  In fact we will look after everything for you to help you smoothly extend your retail selling space. We source the right materials and finishes to match your store's style and interiors.

Key Benefits

-A mezzanine floor in your retail business immediately elevates the space with a stylish statement that makes the whole shop feel airy and spacious

-It creates more space for displaying additional stock without increasing in overhead expense, and creating more opportunities for sales


-It gives customers a good impression of your business and improves the browsing experience, making them more likely to buy

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